Thursday, June 20, 2013

DIY: 4th of July Denim Cuffs

Summer is officially upon us tomorrow, so I thought I'd share this awesome tutorial that is perfect for this time of year.
You'll need a pair of jeans, preferably in a boyfriend cut. Just make sure they aren't so tight that you can't cuff the bottoms.  You'll also need an American flag or any fabric with the beloved stars and stripes (ie. t-shirt).  Get your needle, thread and safety pins.

Turn your jeans inside out and secure the fabric from the bottom going up to the mid-calf area with safety pins. Sew and then remove the safety pins.

You can use this method for jazzing up your jeans with any pattern/colored fabric you choose. I love how there is stripes on one leg and stars on the other. It's up to you.

Enjoy your super patriotic jeans :)
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