Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cool Finds: Clever Ideas to Make Life a Little Easier

These are some great ideas I can't wait to try out myself!

Via 9gag.com
Make fun heart-shaped hard-boiled eggs- perfect for Valentines Day <3

Via amy-newnostalgia.blogspot.com
Core strawberries with ease using a straw.

Via marthastewart.com
Place bedding in the pillowcase to keep sets together.

Via realsimple.com
Place your phone in a bowl to create a free homemade amplifier for your tunes.

Via savvyhousekeeping.com
Use wet wipes containers to store plastic bags.

Via iheartnaptime.net
Baby powder is a must when going to the beach. It removes sand from your skin!
Via realsimple.com
A velcro strip in a baby or kids room makes storing toys decorative and functional.

Via flickr.com
Utilize space using wires to store things like wrapping paper to leave free space on the floor.

Via instructables.com
Placing a stocking over a vacuum hose will help you find that missing earring backing. Genius!

Via realsimple.com
When traveling, try storing your shoes in shower caps, which is a great way to protect your shoes, not to mention other items in your suitcase.

Via sprwmn.blogspot.com
A magnetic strip can be a fun way to hold your vanity items, such as bobby pins and tweezers.

Secure a cut apple using a rubberband to prevent browning while it's in your kid's lunchbox.

Via photobucket.com
Putting a tension rod under the sink is a clever way to store those spray bottles.

Via unplggd.com
Organize your many cord cables with bread tags.

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